VW DSG Transmission Imagine two manual gearboxes side-by-side in the same casing with a pair of independent clutch packs sliding back and forth between speeds, guided by hydraulic pressure and electronic components. In a nutshell, that’s what a VW DSG transmission is. One pack drives the odd-numbered gears and the other powers the even-numbered ones. The packs are each made up of four small plates that work in unison. The packs are “wet,” meaning that they’re immersed in the gearbox oil, which fights friction and cools the massive amounts of heat the system creates. The driver controls the action with a floor-mounted lever (or paddle shifters) that has the following settings: PARK – All gears and clutch packs are disengaged. NEUTRAL – Same settings as PARK, except that the parking lock is no longer engaged. DRIVE – Gears and packs engage as the driver accelerates. SPORT – Vehicle functions as in DRIVE, except that up- and down-shifts occur at higher engine speeds. REVERSE – Vehicle goes into the single backwards setting. DSG Transmission Manual Mode This is where it gets fun. The driver can work her way from 1 to 6, just like with a stick shift, but with no floor pedal to worry about. This mode offers additional control in bad weather along with the chance of enhanced fuel economy. Plus, as we’ve already discussed, it’s just plain fun.

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