What is the proper way to fill the transmission?

First, the vehicle must be on a flat level surface. Not all transmissions will properly pump fluid when in "Park". It is important that the fluid level be checked according to the manufacturers instructions. Consult your owner's manual for proper practices and recommendations. It is best to have the drive wheels off the ground if it can be done safely. Chock the non-drive wheels if all four (4) wheels are not off the ground and put the transmission in "Neutral". Do not run the transmission when it is dry! Put 3 or 4 quarts of fluid into the transmission. Prepare the next 3 or 4 quarts to be added.

Start the vehicle and check the fluid level. Remember, sometimes the fluid on the sides of the dipstick tube can make reading the level difficult. A good method is to look at both sides of the dipstick and observe its lowest level. This is the reading you should go by. As long as the fluid is above the "low" level you can begin running the transmission through the ranges. Put the transmission in "Reverse" and see if the wheels engage. If they do not, you may be low on fluid. Add fluid as necessary.

Once "Reverse" is engaged, shift to "Manual 1". Let the wheels turn for about 10 seconds and then rev the engine to about 2000 RPM and shift into "Manual 2". Do the same for "Manual 2" and shift into "Drive". Repeating this, shift into "OD". Leaving the shifter in "OD", lightly apply the brake to stop the wheels. Rev the engine to 2000 RPM and let the transmission shift through the gears. Make sure to check the fluid according to the manufacturers instructions

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